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An amplifier is often the most  overlooked part of a home audio system but is  one of the most important  when it comes to  determining sound quality.  

Many people  associate  amplifier  power with  volume but this is  not correct.  Of course, a more  powerful amplifier  will allow  you to achieve more

volume from your  system before it starts distorting, but  more importantly it will significantly  improve the sound  quality and the amount of music

information you hear from  your system at  normal listening volumes.  In addition to powering  your speakers a  home theatre amplifier  is normally  

combined  with  audio  visual  processing  in  what  is  referred  to as  an Audio  Visual Receiver. Also known as an A/V Receiver,  this unit  is the  main

hub  of your home  entertainment system  and manages  all of your  sources audio  and video  connections in addition  to  powering  your speakers.  

For a  higher  end  system we  offer  solutions  with  the  processor and  power  amplifiers  in  separate enclosures for the ultimate in sound quality.

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