Home Theatre

A true Home Theatre system is much more than just a TV and speakers, it brings the big screen movie experience into your home via a quality sound system designed to match that large immersive picture that only a home theatre projector can produce. Over recent years Home Theatre systems have developed at a rapid pace with significant improvements in sound and picture quality. New technologies such as 4K, HDR and Atmos have made the home experience one which can often surpass that of your local movie theatre.

To deliver the real cinema experience, your Home Theatre room needs to incorporate more than just a great sound and picture. Elements such as room acoustics, lighting, cinema seating, joinery and of course aesthetics all play a major role in delivering this result and at Life Style Store we specialise in providing these types of solutions. We have 8 in-store theatre rooms which incorporate these elements and our knowledgeable and experienced staff can tailor a package to suit your needs and budget. We also offer a full room transformation service where we take control of your current room and transform it into a new home theatre room with Life Style Store taking care of all elements including the audio visual system, room elements, aesthetics, gyprock work, painting, carpet and any other requirements. If you just require the audio visual system then we can install these items we provide so that all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your new home theatre!

  1. Complete AV packages
  2. Visual packages
  3. Sound Systems
  4. Room elements
  5. Cinema Seating
  6. Acoustic Treatments
  7. Projectors
  8. Projector Lenses
  9. Projector Screens
  10. Audio Visual Receivers
  11. Audio Visual Processors
  12. Audio Visual Pre-Power
  13. Power Amplifiers
  14. Main Speakers
  15. On-Wall Speakers
  16. Install Speakers
  17. Centre Speakers
  18. Surround Speakers
  19. Subwoofers
  20. 5.1 Speaker Systems
  21. Soundbars
  22. Blu-ray Players
  23. Digital TV Boxes
  24. Universal Remotes
  25. Power Conditioning
  26. Cables
  27. Stands & Brackets