Hi-Fi Stereo

Music is an integral part of our everyday lives and thanks to the advent of smartphones it is more readily available and easier to access than ever before. Music Streaming services and the resurgence of vinyl have also helped to bring music to a whole new generation of listeners and whether you are just starting your music journey or are looking to update or replace your audiophile music system Life Style Store carry an extensive range of products to satisfy your every need.

We have 9 demonstration rooms dedicated to Hi-Fi as well as numerous other demonstration areas throughout our showroom and we offer everything from headphones through to reference mono power amplifiers and jaw-dropping speakers.

We also offer an in home listening service so that you can be sure that the products you are considering will work well in your home environment or with the other components you may already own. With the worlds leading hi-fi brands on demonstration in an unmatched showroom environment, whether you are looking for hi-fi components or a complete music system drop in and see us for an experience you won’t forget.

  1. Hi-Fi Pre-Amplifiers
  2. Mono Power Amps
  3. 2 Channel Amplifiers
  4. Hi-Fi Pre-Power
  5. Integrated Amplifiers
  6. Stereo Hi-Fi Receivers
  7. Main Speakers
  8. Bookshelf Speakers
  9. Install Speakers
  10. Wireless Speakers
  11. Active Speakers
  12. Subwoofers
  13. Vinyl
  14. CD Players
  15. Music Streamers
  16. Power Conditioning
  17. Acoustic Treatments
  18. Portable Audio Players
  19. Radio Tuners
  20. D/A Convertors
  21. Headphones
  22. Cables
  23. Stands & Brackets
  24. Bluetooth Speakers
  25. Desktop Music Systems