MediaLight Quad XL - 520cm

MediaLight Quad XL - 520cm

MediaLight Quad - 400cm

MediaLight Quad - 400cm

MediaLight Flex - 300cm

MediaLight Flex - 300cm

MediaLight Quad XL - 520cm

MediaLight Quad XL - 520cm
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ML Quad XL

The MediaLight® is built with with the highest quality components and Hollywood professionals and home theatre enthusiasts trust The MediaLight for the optimal correlated colour temperature (6500K, and more specifically CIE standard illuminant D65 "video white") and high colour rendering index (CRI) required for colour-critical viewing.

The MediaLight is a ridiculously affordable way to get the most out of your display. These are not the same cheap commodity LED strips that you find on other sites, nor the colour-changing lights that are incapable of generating true video white. The MediaLight is the bias light of choice of Hollywood’s top studios, moviemakers, home theater enthusiasts, gamers, and sports fans.

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The MediaLight Quad XL is a specially designed version of MediaLight's ISF certified 6500K bias lighting system for wall-mounted displays between 75 and 90". This solution provides an even bias lighting around the entire panel, giving you improved contrast, reduced eye strain and more accurate colours.
Combining 158 custom built LEDs that have been stringently tested to output at exactly 6500K CCT (correlated colour temperature) with a CRI (colour rendering index) of 95 Ra, the 5.2m strip has both USB (3.0) and AC powering options and features authentic 3M adhesive along the entire length for simple and secure mounting.
It features a remote control for wireless operation and dimming, as well as cable-management clips to ensure a neat and tidy installation.
"Industry standards call for a bias light behind the display, and with HDR’s higher luminance capability, it is more important than ever to combat eye fatigue.  The MediaLight system provides an excellent solution for the discerning viewer, minimizing eye fatigue, improving perceived contrast, and enhancing the viewer experience.  Not only do we recommend MediaLight to our customers, but it’s what I personally use in my own home." - David Abrams, Avical USA


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We recommend the MediaLight Eclipse.

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We recommend the MediaLight Single.

Have a wall mounted display 42" to 75"?

We recommend the MediaLight Quad.

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