Klipsch RP-280F Floor Standing Speakers - Ebony

Atacama Audio SLX 600 Speaker Stands (Pair)

Klipsch RP-280F Floor Standing Speakers - Ebony

Atacama Audio SLX 500 Speaker Stands (Pair)

Klipsch RP-280F Floor Standing Speakers - Ebony

Atacama Audio SLX 700 Speaker Stands (Pair)

Atacama Audio SLX 600 Speaker Stands (Pair)

Atacama Audio SLX 600 Speaker Stands 

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SLX 600

For over 25 years Atacama has produced Award Winning speaker stands, hifi racks and AV supports designed to enhance both visually and acoustically the equipment matched with them.

By using their own UK based in-house design, manufacturing and testing facilities, Atacama are able to offer innovative products aimed at satisfying the audio visual enthusiast’s requirements of both functionality and aesthetics.

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The SLX Series is our professional range of speaker stands available in a wide range of height options and caters for when a larger top plate is required.

SLX Series are supplied in a Satin Black paint finish with Silver Metallic or Diamond White as a cost option.

Each pair of SLX stands include new 5mm thick laser cut carbon steel base plates, eight BZP 8mm adjustable floor spikes featuring stainless steel detailed top caps and upgraded High Load Trapezoidal (HLT) Isolation Gel Pads for the top plates.

We recommend that each pair are mass loaded with Atabites in order to maximize their sonic potential (see below for quantity guidance and recommendations on the amount of mass filler to use).

Floor spikes and HLT Isolation Gel pads are included with each pair of stands, with the option of adding Atabite mass loading filler, top spikes and spike shoes if required.

As these speaker stands use isolation spikes, two sets of four Atacama HD-S (Nickel finish) spike shoes are recommended to protect delicate floor coverings.

Single stands can be supplied if required; please contact your local Atacama stockist or the Atacama sales department on 01455 283251 for pricing and availability (UK only).

SLX speaker stands are designed and manufactured in the UK.


Overall Height (Including HLT Gel Pads and Floor Spikes)

SLX 200      235mm   (9.25”)
SLX 300      335mm   (13.19”)
SLX 400      435mm   (17.12”)
SLX 500      535mm   (21.06”)
SLX 600      635mm   (25”)
SLX 700      735mm   (28.9")
SLX 1000   1035mm  (40.7”)

Top Plate Dimensions

Width 225mm (8.9”), Depth 225mm (8.9”)

Base Plate Dimensions

Width 305mm (12”), Depth 305mm (12”)

Weight Capacity 15KG per stand.

Note- Supported speaker width/depth dimensions should not exceed speaker stand base plate dimensions.


Atabite quantity recommendation

Below are stated the recommended number of tubes to share between each pair of speaker stands. All vertical poles should be equally filled. Amounts are approximate and will not necessarily completely fill the tubes. It is suggested that you experiment with the exact amount to achieve the best sonic results for your particular system setup as the speakers, room acoustics, cable loom, positioning of the speakers and hifi components will determine how much Atabite filler to use to get the best sound from your speakers.

As a general rule, approximately half to two thirds full gives the best results. If you find the speakers are lacking high end detail and sounding dull at the lower end that usually means you have overfilled the stands and will need to reduce the volume of Atabites in each stand.

 If the speakers are new, it is suggested that the exact amount of Atabites needed will best be determined once they are run in. Refer to your speaker instructions or contact the supplying retailer/ manufacturer for guidelines on running in recommendations. 


SLX 200     1 Tube           SLX 500     4 Tubes       SLX1000  7 Tubes
SLX 300     2 Tubes         SLX 600     5 Tubes
SLX 400     3 Tubes         SLX 700     6 Tubes

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Atacama Audio SLX 600 Speaker Stands 

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