Zapco ASP-OEB 2-Channel OEM Speaker Level to Preamp

Zapco ASP-OEB 2-Channel OEM Speaker Level to Preamp

Zapco ASP-L6 6-Channel Signal Line Driver/Distribution

Zapco ASP-L6 6-Channel Signal Line Driver/Distribution

Zapco ASP-OEB 2-Channel OEM Speaker Level to Preamp

2-Channel OEM Speaker Level to Preamp

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While Team Zapco originated in the US, it is now comprised of teams throughout the world. There are national teams in a number of countries. There are also teams in some countries built around sponsorship of local car audio dealers and even small groups of crazed, unassociated car audio fans who just love to get together to compete. What they all share is a love for music, a love for Zapco and desire to bring the sound of live music to their cars.

Zapco was there at the beginning of Car audio, building the first true Sound Quality amp in 1974. That was followed by the first SQ equalizer (PEQ), the first parametric EQ (PX), the first use of optical isolators (Z220), and on down the line to 40 years of audio innovation.

Zapco was also there ay the beginning of audio competition. It was 1986 when the first car audio sanctioning body was formed. The Italian speaker maker ESB, who was expanding from high end home speaker systems into car, promoted the first car audio contest series outside of Rome, Italy. Their goal was to make the public and many in the industry, aware that great, live sound really could come from a car sound system…if it was done right. Six cars showed up that day, and Zapco was there. Within 3 years those 6 cars grew to over 1,000, with 35 local contests, 18 regional’s, and the national finals. At that time the contest Group was renamed Nazionali Car Audio.

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For many years people have been using passive LOCs to adapt speaker level signals to RCA signals so they can add amplifiers to their systems. The results have been less than satisfactory. In fact many (if not most) folks out there have come to accept the fact that the factory stereo signals are just not good enough to be adapted into a top quality sound system. But they are wrong!

Passive LOCs: There is nothing wrong with the factory stereo signal. The problem is those passive LOCs.  Passive LOCs use resistors, inductors, and capacitors to block the high level signal and use up some of the power so it comes out at a lower level. In doing this they add both distortion and noise, and they remove bass information from the signal. This means that the signal coming out of the passive LOC is worse than the signal going in. It has more distortion, more noise, and the low bass information has been removed.  So, when you put this signal into an amplifier you get bad sound made loud. Think about this; a majority of people who add a 2 channel adapter are doing so to add a subwoofer to the system. A passive LOC is totally counterproductive. They are adding a woofer at the same time they are taking out bass from the signal.

ASP-OEB: There has never been a unit like this one. The ASP-OEB is a basic 2-channel line converter with a difference. The ASP-OEB is a true active peramp with exactly the same circuitry that is in our other active adapters. The OEB has the same 9.5- Volt preamp that all our signal processors have. It also has adjustable preamp gain and Automatic Turn-On that can be defeated with the flip of a switch if desired. With the ASP-OEB you will get the same crystal clear mids and highs and rock solid bass you expect from any Zapco signal processor. And at just 2½” by 2¼” it will fit anywhere. If you are using the OEB to add a woofer, wow! You get a flat response down to below 20Hz and you get a 9.5 volt strong signal for your bass amplifier. Now that’s the way to put bass in a car.

Features and Functions

  • 2-Channels in/2-Channels out line driver at 9.5 Volt RMS, 14 Volts peak

  • Distribution preamp configurable for 2 or 4 channels

  • Auto on w/defeat

  • Preamp gain control


  • THD < 0.01%THD

  • Signal to Noise Ratio > 110dB

  • Stereo Separation 90dB

  • Preamp Output 9.5V RMS / 14V Peak

  • Dimensions in mm: 59(W) x 26(H) x 79(L) Overall: 59(W) x 26(H) x 83(L)

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2-Channel OEM Speaker Level to Preamp

Product NameZapco ASP-OEB 2-Channel OEM Speaker Level to Preamp
ModelZapco ASP-OEB
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