Zapco was there at the beginning of Car audio, building the first true Sound Quality amp in 1974. That was followed by the first SQ equalizer (PEQ), the first parametric EQ (PX), the first use of optical isolators (Z220), and on down the line to 40 years of audio innovation. Zapco was also there ay the beginning of audio competition. It was 1986 when the first car audio sanctioning body was formed. The Italian speaker maker ESB, who was expanding from high end home speaker systems into car, promoted the first car audio contest series outside of Rome, Italy. Their goal was to make the public and many in the industry, aware that great, live sound really could come from a car sound system…if it was done right. Six cars showed up that day, and Zapco was there. Within 3 years those 6 cars grew to over 1,000, with 35 local contests, 18 regional’s, and the national finals. At that time the contest Group was renamed Nazionali Car Audio.

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